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Protect The Places You Play

Meet the Moment is a program started by 1% member Clif Bar in the spring of 2011 to encourage the sharing of inspiring and adventurous moments. Whether you took an awesome trip, skied somewhere new, ran your first marathon, or hiked somewhere with a beautiful view, they want to hear about it! For every Moment that an individual uploads (in the form of a picture or story) to the Meet the Moment webpage, Clif Bar will donate $5 to one of five organizations.

One of these organizations is our non-profit recipient the Winter Wildlands Alliance. The Alliance (along with help from the US Forest Service) played a major role in helping organize volunteers for the National Day of Action which happened last October and was sponsored by Meet the Moment. The nationwide preservation effort brought together more than 1,200 people who contributed more than 4,500 volunteer hours to protect and preserve the land that is important to them. 

The Winter Wildness Alliance, based in Idaho, organized three different volunteer events near the Idaho-Wyoming border. They included digging holes to set boundary markers in the Winegar Hole and Jedediah Smith Wildernesses, and placing a winter kiosk sign on Glory Peak, which included a fun 2-3 hour hike. We are proud of all the work that our non-profit recipients have been doing and are thankful for the support that is given by our members! Stay tuned for more information about this year’s National Day of Action, or just get out there on your own to protect the places you play!

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