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Power in Numbers

It’d be easy to let the state of the world get you down. We’ve got a polarized political system that makes rational dialogue seem impossible, a stagnant economy, freaky weather that brings floods followed by droughts and a skyrocketing global population thirsty for the material comforts that got us in this mess. And that’s not half of it.

Still, it’s hard to feel hopeless when you see people coming together to create the change we need so desperately. Yesterday, when news that the Keystone XL pipeline was once again a threat, 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner mobilized more than 800,000 people in just 24 hours to send Congress an emphatic NO. The message couldn’t have been clearer.

Last night Bill McKibben had the spotlight on The Colbert Report—check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

The motivation that gets 800,000 to coalesce around something they care so deeply about is the same energy that motivates businesses to be part of the solution—they’re working hard to create a world that we all want to live in.

In the past two weeks we’ve seen another 16 companies sign on to 1% for the Planet. Our most recent new members are AdventSure, Alisma, Barbara Grant Consulting Group, BeeFlow, BIG Green Island Transportation, Eco-Armour, Executive Property Management, IPR Coaching, Kiyomo, Miquel MAXIME, Neat-os, Peaked Sports, Toast, Trendfinder Trading Systems, Wavergarden UK and Starbars—a warm welcome and many thanks from the crew at 1%!

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