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Changing Climate Conditions Ahead – Helmet Required

If you’ve ever watched professional cycling, you’ve undoubtedly seen those “pedal dancers” protecting their noggins with some stylish headdress. Now, I’m a cyclist, so I know how important it is to be wearing something that looks good, but boy, it also pays to wear something that protects well. That’s one reason I was so excited to see Lazer Snow Helmets become a member.

Lazer, established and headquarted in Belgium, has been designing brain-cages since 1919. Ever heard of a guy named Eddy Merckx? Maybe not, but Lazer teamed up with “the Cannibal” in 1987 and developed the first specific hard shell bicycle helmet. Essentially, they’ve been innovating for almost a century and keep expanding their reach into new markets.

With the launch of its new Lazer Snow Helmets, Lazer has partnered with Protect our Winters to raise awareness about climate change. Together they will work to create programs that engage the wintersports community around an issue that dramatically affects our enjoyment of the mountains and the future of the snowsports industry.

Although Lazer snow helmets are not yet available to consumers, Lazer is starting its support of POW from day one of the new products, and in conjunction with the launch of the entire snow helmet collection at the Snowsports Industries of America Snow Show in Denver. Hans Dyhrman, Director of Marketing for Lazer Snow states, “Even though we are a new brand in the snowsport business, we feel it is important to take a leadership role within the industry, and this is one of our actions.” Woah, keep track of these mold breakers, they’re going places – albeit safely.





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