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British Invasion

Due to my obsession with Downton Abbey, I was intrigued to write about two of our new members from England.  Although the two businesses are extremely different (a graphic design agency vs. an outdoor-inland surf facility), they support similar causes and know the importance of running a sustainable business.  We are excited to welcome both of these companies to the 1% team!

United by Design is a graphic design agency that has always made it a priority to donate a portion of their sales to local and national environmental non-profits, so they are thrilled to be part of the 1% movement!  Although it is a small company, they know that by donating to certain land trusts and organizations, they are able to make a positive change in their region.  They have embraced the notion that the sustainability of the natural environment is fundamental to the sustainability of business. United by Design plans on actively encouraging their friends, clients and suppliers to join 1% for the Planet so there will be even more resources donated to local environmental non-profits in the York region.  Thanks for spreading the word!

Although we have a number of surf-related members, this one is truly unique!  Wavegarden UK, is a project that appeals to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. They hope people will interact more with both each other and the natural world. It uses cutting edge wave making technology to create a very exciting inland surfing facility, like no other. The facility will include beautiful botanical gardens, which provide a socially inclusive space for fun, reflection and rehabilitation. The project is partly community invested and the core activities are supported by community based projects. The owners, Nick Hounsfield and Tobin Coles hope to finish this facility in 2013 so that the whole community will have a fun place to play and relax!

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