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A warm welcome to the 49 businesses that joined 1% for the Planet in January—what a way to start 2012!

We’ve been growing at a rate of more than one business per day for the past two years, but January was a particularly wonderful month here at 1% for the Planet. 49 businesses started their membership during the past four weeks. For those of you nervously watching the 260-day Mayan Tzolkin calendar this year, that works out to an impressive 2.2 members per day this month.

We’re tweaking the way we introduce new members in light of all the activity in the network and the addition of our talented new staff members James, Pauline and Tom. Look for an initial post announcing the folks who have joined most recently, followed by entries going deeper into the stories of the people, places and motivations that inspired them to join 1% for the Planet.

A taste of things to come: Forest Sun and Ingrid Serban-Schumacher are giving back through their business Painted Sun Records and making the world a better place through their (awesome) music and 1% contributions!

This month we were joined by the following businesses, spanning 17 US states and 13 countries!

From Alaska: Mojave West Insurance Services

Alabama: Integrated Digital Publishing

Bali-based: Jenggala

British Columbia: Big Green IslandIntegral Ecology Group, Frogbox and Marathon Communications

Belgium: Lazer Snow and Sustainability Consult

Sunny California: Humboldt Pet Supply, Stewart Charley Ventures, Paramount Booking, ECOlunchboxes, Painted Sun Records, Airstream Escapes, Arroyo Disc Sports, Bambooki, Sara Greenwood Real Estate, WAI SUP, Cycle the Sierra, and DeepDyve

China: Shanghai Ninehills Outdoor Articles Co.

Colorado: The Backcountry Blacksmith

Columbia: 14OCHOMILES

France: Design Vertical, Earth Life Doc, JOLY SERVICES, Je Sais Vivre, Karis and Nicomak

Germany: mawaii SunCare, Sport Paukner and VON MARÉES Personal Fitness and Yoga

Hawaii: A Place In Time Photography

Idaho: Fresh Air Lawn Care and Water Futures

Illinois: Greyslater and OJOS Eyewear

Italy: CMW Engineering

Japan: KRG Kabushikigaisha, The Yoga Project

Massachusetts: International Fundraising Intelligence, Four Crows Nature Photography and Peace Tree Apparel

Maryland: eco-armour

Missouri: Michael Russell Photography

Montana: Ryan Jordan LLC

Netherlands: Eco GlasFilm

New Jersey: Leaf Realtors

United Kingdom: United by Design and Natural Hero

New York: Jonathan Young Photography


(c) Jonathan Young Photography

Oregon: Toast

Quebec: Temple Lifestyle Inc. and Selected Denim Group

South Carolina: Coskrey Law Office

Wisconsin: My Green Gear

Welcome all! Stay tuned for posts sharing the stories the individual businesses and their motivations for joining 1%–thanks for making the world a better place!

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