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1% for our Furry Friends

Since beginning my work here at 1% for the Planet, I have been truly amazed at the scope of hopeful stories I have encountered. The positive changes that come across our network come in all forms, from large land donations to simple stories, like this story of The Lands Coucil, that lift my heart.

Over the past two summers in Washington State, The Lands Council has been saving and moving wildlife from potentially harmful situations. One recent story involved relocating a beaver family from under human foot in Spokane to their new home in the Colville National Forest.

Supported through donations from 1% member Patagonia, The Lands Council has successfully and safely relocated almost 40 beavers, moving them into areas where they are able to do as nature intended – build dams that assist in water storage and late-season flow, water filtration and that cater to the restoration of native riparian species.

This compassionate work is another amazing story proving that even 1% of positive action can have a major effect for the planet, and for our furry friends that we share it with. Like the stone thrown that produces a ripple effect in the water, these actions contribute to a positive change that is immeasurable.

Thank you Amanda Swan for sharing this uplifting moment with our network, and keep up the amazing work!

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