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A Success Story from Across the Pond

Although 1% for the Planet is based in a small town in central Vermont, we have made an impact internationally over and over again. We love to hear stories or about specific events that have taken place because of a 1% FTP connection!  We recently found out that one of our business members, Frugi, donated £8232 to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Over the last few years, they have given over £20,000 to the Trust!

Frugi is an organic baby and children’s clothing company based in Helston, Cornwall, England. They have always wanted to make a positive difference in the community and in their customer’s lives. They make comfortable, high quality clothing that children love to wear, and have always recognized the importance of supporting local environmental causes. This money has allowed for the Trust to continue supporting environmental initiatives in the Cornwall area. Their mission is to maintain biodiversity in nature and to have everyone in the community enjoy and appreciate its beauty.  In honor of this large donation, the Cornwall Wildlife Trust hosted an event, at which seventy people showed up to thank Frugi for their generosity!

Photo taken by Sheila McCann-Downes

We are proud and thankful for the work and support that both groups have given since making their commitment to 1%!

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