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Who's doing the good work?

Well, by now I’m sure most of our followers, members and partners have had a chance to watch our remarkable film, [one percent] of the story. No?! Grab a cup o’ tea (maybe a crumpet too!), and settle in for 15 minutes of sheer delight.

Once you’ve seen our film you can’t help but love it, but also, you may realize that it truly is one percent of the story. The film touches on the stories of our member companies – the businesses making this 1% commitment – but it does not zoom in on the real reason we exist: our nonprofit partners. As Yvon Chouinard said when he co-founded 1%, we all (business too!) have a responsibility to the planet and “the best way to do it is to just dig into your pockets and give the money away — to people who are willing to do the good work.” That’s what this blog post is about – those people who are doing the good work. You may remember last year we shared some stories by collecting films from our nonprofit partners, and this year we take a similar approach but with written stories of success. Here is the first story of many to come, about how our member companies have assisted nonprofits to do the good work:

Today we have a story from The Snow Leopard Trust – a group working to protect the endangered snow leopard. The Snow Leopard Trust received a 1% donation from member company Mountain Outfitters.

This past summer, Mountain Outfitter’s donation was put toward special projects focused on education, species conservation and research. One of their first projects this summer involved working with local families to develop livestock insurance programs. Upon removing the economic burden that livestock predation places on these rural communities, the Snow Leopard Trust has implemented a system that will reduce snow leopard persecution in these communities. Once these insurance programs were implemented, the organization furthered their community engagement by working with local schools and educating the students about the importance of a keystone species such as the Snow Leopard.

The Snow Leopard Trust has seen great results from these recent efforts. In their reserves in India, they’ve seen population growth increase three fold over the past 11 years! The organization has chosen a comprehensive model to protect the species, and a smart model that does not just rope off areas designated solely for the leopard, but a model that works with the current system to create an integrative solution that benefits all parties involved.

Thank you to The Snow Leopard Trust for sharing your inspiring story of success, and thank you to Mountain Outfitters for providing the support that allowed this great work to happen.

Are you a nonprofit that’s done something great with a 1% donation? Tell us about it! Send your written highlights (and maybe photos, too!) to

Happy Friday!

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