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1% Ambassador Kris Holm And Crazy Sustainable Commute Day!

If you notice someone on a pogo stick on the commute today, wave! (On second thought, maybe don’t; they need both hands!)

The Crazy Sustainable Commute is a one-day green commuting challenge. Organizers want you to get eco-creative. Last year, people canoed, kayaked, and pogo-sticked (that’s actually a verb!).

News1130 in Vancouver, BC caught up with the world’s foremost extreme unicycler, Kris Holm of Vancouver, about taking one wheel to work or school. After pioneering mountain unicycling and then touring places like Mongolia, the Great Wall of China, and down volcanoes in Mexico, unicycling to and from work every day is no big deal.

“Oh yeah, I do it every day,” says Holm. “I live out by UBC so it’s about a 21-kilometre round trip.”

He loves the idea of the Crazy Sustainable Commute, adding you can make meaningful changes in your life; that’s the lesson of an event like this. “If you start by doing something that’s crazy, pretty soon it won’t be that crazy because everyone is doing it.”

On the off-chance those changes do involve unicycling, Holm has some tips:

“Just get started. It’s one of those things that seems impossible when when you first get on. I think people forget that so did bikes. People take a month to learn when they’re five years old and by the time they’re 20 they have forgotten how hard it was at one point.”

Organizers of the Crazy Sustainable Commute call it a campaign to get us all thinking creatively about alternatives for our daily travel.

Videos showcasing the Crazy Sustainable Commute and Kris Holm’s unicycling:

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