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Go Ohio! Grow Ohio!

Over the last year, we have been working with the George Gund Foundation to increase environmental funding for the state through 1% awareness building and new member acquisition.

1% recently traveled to Cleveland, Ohio for the Burning River Festival hosted by Great Lakes Brewing. It was a gathering to celebrate good beer and music while raising awareness of local environmental issues. And also happened to be my first business trip!  Not many people get to have their first “business trip” be to a festival featuring local craft beer, three stages for constant music, local business vendors, and a dozen non-profits representing in the “eco village.”  The weather was HOT, especially coming from Vermont but it was an awesome experience, nonetheless.

In the eco-village, 1% was in familiar company with 1% NGO Recipients: The Sierra Club, The Trust for Public Lands, and Surfrider Foundation while making new connections with new regional NGO leaders.

We’d like to thank Great Lakes Brewing and all of the volunteers involved in organizing the festival.  It was a fantastic opportunity for 1% to explore a part of the country where we see great potential and inspiring to see Cleveland’s commitment to protecting and reinvesting in their local ecosystem.

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