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300 miles later…

After a great dinner with Mike Harney of 1% member company Harney & Son’s Tea, the 1% team drops off the rental car at JFK airport at 12:30 a.m.  – the next five days will be car free.  Unfamiliar with NYC public transportation, and under Brittany’s confident (misguided) navigation, the country kids hop on the wrong train and head far far away from Manhattan to the quiet town of Ronkonkoma.   Awoken by the repeat call, “Last stop, all passengers off,” the tired 1% Percentees stumble out into the frigid night.  A few NYC cabbies befriend the two lost souls and offer them a seat in their lounge room, as long as they agree not to fall asleep.   It’s 3 a.m. and the next train won’t arrive until 4:06 a.m.

Cabby Joey: Got some bad news for ya – did you hear what happened down town tonight?  A celebrity was stabbed….

Brittany: What?!  No, who?

Cabby Joey: Reese… something rather.  Reese… With-

Brittany: Reese Witherspoon?!

Cabby Joey: No, with a fork!

4:06 rolled around slowly.

30 minutes of sleep, and several shots of espresso later, team 1% joined 140 cyclists to kick off the 300 mile journey south.  Chatting and pedaling alongside lawyers, environmentalists, cyclists, and even some fellow Vermonters, the chaos of the night before was quickly forgotten and the spectacle of Climate Ride was well underway.

1% had a few New Year resolutions this year, and establishing deeper connections with our network was high on our list.  Our development crew has spearheaded amazing regional events, making for a busy calendar for our eight person organization, but creating fantastic results!  Amongst these events, Climate Ride has presented a fantastic opportunity to engage with the greater 1% network.   As the ride benefits several other nonprofit partners, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to bring members and nonprofits together, to bike for a cause we all believe in, and to establish solid relationships and gather stories.  Throughout the ride we enjoyed meeting representatives from other nonprofit partners, as well as engaging in great discussions about the philosophy and potential of 1% with Paul Keegan, of member company One World Trading Co. and Jeff Lesk, of Nixon Peabody.   At the ride’s end, we were also very pleased to host events that yielded a great turnout from 1% member companies in the DC area.  1% member companies Tranquil Space, DrinkWell, Backpacker Tees, Boatyard Bar & Grill, Cheeky Green, Victoria Vox, Charm City Run, Zosimos Botanicals, and Salazon Chocolate all joined us for some great food and even better conversation.   Thank you all!!

Further kudos go to our supporters!  A big thank you to member companies Boatyard Bar & Grill, Trail Tex, Sweet People Apparel, GearSense and 3 Acres for your generous donations in support of Climate Ride – we literally could not have done this without your support.

This ride was an inspiration, an adventure and an experience of a lifetime.  It’s an opportunity to meet incredible people, to spend quality time with each of them and to become inspired about the great change that’s possible.  It’s an opportunity to share stories and to learn how we’re all working together to mitigate the impacts of climate change.  Be it with carbon offsets, with green energy, with campaigning and advocacy, with business, or by hopping on a bicycle instead of driving a car – it was all there.

This ride was part one of two.  It was an incredible opportunity to increase our face to face time with our network, to engage with the network and to hear the stories of the groups we’re supporting.  As we work to raise awareness about 1% for the Planet, it’s important to hear the voices of our nonprofit partners, but it’s also essential to hear the stories from our business members.  And that brings about the final ask: will you join us?  Bring more perspective to the ride – tell your story and help us understand the challenges and rewards for your company as you work to be a part of the solution.  Engage with a dynamic and passionate crew that will both challenge you with questions and work enthusiastically with you to develop solutions.  Join us this October for Part 2 of an epic journey and pedal with us from Eureka, CA to San Francisco, CA.

Can’t join us?  Support our team!  By donating to any of our team members, your donation will go to support the work of 1% for the Planet.

Hear it yourself, the coolest thing about Climate Ride, from Climate Ride facilitator, Geraldine:

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