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Muscles not Motors and Patagonia Advocate Weeks

Last night Brittany and Brodie muscled (not motored) their way by bike to Onion River Sports just over the hill from 1% HQ in Montpelier, VT for a Patagonia Advocate Week event. Patagonia Footwear’s Advocate Weeks program is taking place at more than 80 independent retailers across the US this year. Inspired by Patagonia Footwear’s 1% for the Planet Advocate Moc, retailers select a local conservation NGO and Patagonia footwear donates $10 for each pair sold during a two week period, Onion River Sports chose to support the Green Mountain Club, a 1% recipient NGO that protects and maintains all 273 miles of Vermont’s Long Trail. Onion River Sports invited both Green Mountain Club as well as 1% to have tables in their store to explain how each organization worked as well as the details of the Advocate program. Onion River also showed appreciation to their patrons by having a table of snacks and drinks.

Photo Courtesy of Brittany

This event kicked off a month at Onion River where donations will be made for each pair of shoes sold. Other Advocate Weeks like this are happening all over the country, supporting numerous NGO’s that are working to protect your favorite areas! Check out the Advocate Weeks microsite to find an event in your city.

And. If you’re still wondering what this program is all about, check out this video from Mountain Sports in Arizona about the Patagonia Advocate Weeks program—it’ll clear things up!

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