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Thanks for helping 1% go far and wide this Earth Day!

We were blown away by the response to our Earth Day music giveaway.  Over 3,000 people worldwide downloaded the 41 songs of 1% for the Planet: The Music, Vol. 1 in celebration of the 41st Earth Day.  With hundreds sharing on facebook, twitter, blogs, newsletters, and plain old email, we were psyched with the buzz around giving green.  Thanks in particular to our members and non-profit partners who shared the music with their networks—in addition to dozens of social media posts, we were delighted to see blog posts from 1% members Ecomom, Not Just Pretty, Gary Bandy, Bamboo Bottle Company, Iron Lava, and Endurance Conspiracy.

We also wanted to share a few more Earth Day updates we received from around the network:

(photo courtesy of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign)

-We are happy to announce 1% member Sage Spa Living’s Earth Day event in Bozeman and Billings, MT exceeded expectations (read more about it here)!  Close to 200 of the business’s patrons participated last Friday and with the help of the 37 Sage Spa employees who donated their time and services raised $4,200 for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

-A new non-profit partner, Savannah Bicycle Campaign, also hosted an event this weekend, “The 4th Annual Earth Day Wheelie.” Dubbed a party on wheels, the ride enticed citizens of Savannah to join together for four mile roll through the city, eventually gathering to enjoy food and music in celebration of Earth Day and the joys of alternative transportation.

-We were pleased to hear an update from 1% recipient Plant With Purpose, an organization focused on finding environmental solutions to humanitarian problems. Plant with Purpose was one of our featured non-profits working on reforestation and sustainable agriculture in Haiti after last January’s devastating earthquake.  For Earth Month, Plant with Purpose aims to plant 10,000 trees–check out their short video below that makes the connection between poverty and the environment, and consider helping them reach their goal by planting 10 trees for just $10.

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