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Supporting the relief work in Japan

As promised, we write today to follow up with our network about the Japan relief efforts being carried out by our nonprofit partners.  Despite the difficult times that Japan is enduring, our partners in that area have been incredibly diligent with their updates, and for this we’re very appreciative – thank you!

For 1% member companies looking to use their donations to support relief efforts in Japan, please consider these groups:

All Hands Volunteers is a nonprofit partner who has recently announced their Project Tohoku –  a relief effort that shall focus on debris clean up, resource allocation and working with the local communities to repair the damage.

World Wildlife Japan has decided to base their work efforts around the communities most heavily impacted by the tsunami.  Funds raised will go to support coastal areas of the Tohoku and Kanto districts to assist victims to restore their living spaces.

Friends of the Earth Japan (FoE Japan) is beginning a fund that will support clean up and reconstruction efforts of the devastated Japanese villages.

**Our Patagonia correspondents are actively seeking out additional groups to support, and as more options become available, we will add updates to this post.

UPDATE 4.19.11:  Lisa & Kenji have been away volunteering in Ishinomaki – one of the worst hit places – and are now back online.  They’ve helped us identify a new nonprofit partner to whom you may donate your 1%:

Mori wa Umi no Koibito (“The Forest is the Ocean’s Love”).  This group is based in Kesenuma (one of the worst damaged places due to the fire that started from the leaked fuel from overturned ships) and is working on relief efforts in and around their community.

We were also excited to learn of a new Chari-tee, created through a partnership between 1% member companies Econscious and Endurance Conspiracy.  100% of proceeds from the sales of the organic cotton tee will support Friends of the Earth and the Japanese Red Cross.

We thank you greatly for your patience and support during this time.  As natural disasters come unexpectedly and often times at humbling magnitudes, each entail unique and mindful responses.  In light of this tragedy, we recognize that as majority of our members are not in Japan, it can be difficult to decipher how best to give your support.  Rest assured that we’re diligently utilizing our incredible global network to most confidently guide our members about how best to leverage their donations.  With a strong network, we’re most aware and proud of the great potential our member companies and nonprofit partners withhold to significantly assist in the recovery efforts in Japan.  Thank you for your support and be sure to check back for updates.

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