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Reaching out to Japan

We reach out to our network today to extend our hearts and thoughts to our 1% members and nonprofit partners in the midst of Japan’s crisis.  On Monday morning, we returned to an office surging with heartfelt inquiries from members and supporters about how they could best support the relief efforts in Japan.  Thank you all for your care and concern.

With an alliance of over 1,400 member companies (27 in Japan), the 1% network has huge potential to assist in this crisis.  We’re diligently researching the best way to leverage that power.   1% is most fortunate to have two terrific correspondents in Japan, Lisa Iida and Kenji Shino of Patagonia Japan.  Lisa and Kenji are both thankfully safe and well and in communication with us at 1% since the earthquake and tsunami.

Kenji’s most recent words:

“One of the reason for there are not environmental NGOs who are helping the relief on site yet is that the situation and government agencies do not allow any volunteers enter the worst hit area in avoiding turmoil.

Please give us a while to identify appropriate environmental NGOs for 1% FTP.”

The tragedy in Japan is clearly still unfolding and, as we’ve seen, necessitates immediate humanitarian relief work at this time.  We’ve been in touch with many of our Japanese NGOs, and have begun to hear back from a few, including WWF Japan and FoE Japan.   The consensus among these groups, as well as from Kenji and Lisa, is that they will certainly be integral in the clean-up recovery effort, but their specific plans are still being formed.

If you feel an urgent need to donate, and would like your gift to be part of your 1% for the Planet commitment, we invite you to support WWF Japan and FoE Japan who have both indicated that they would be involved in immediate clean-up efforts.  It’s clear that the need for environmental restoration will be prominent and soon.  Our nonprofit partners in the midst of the devastation are eager to begin these relief projects and we expect to hear soon from more groups in and beyond our network as they organize and take action.  Please expect a follow up post in two weeks time with updates and more information on how we can leverage your generous donations to extend a hand to our friends in Japan.

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