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1% Coasteering in Wales

Here in Vermont, we’re taking in the vibrant fall colors, drinking warm apple cider and enjoying the familiar feeling of cozy sweaters, while our UK counterparts were busy scrambling, climbing and traversing their way around the rocky coastline of Wales, all in the name of 1%.

1% member and professional play advocates, TYF Adventure, organized a gathering for our UK members to get to know each other, share ideas and have a good time.  “We popped everybody into a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid and made our way down to the bottom of the sea cliffs with our experienced guide and then ‘Coasteered’ our way around the stunning coastline,” said TYF staffer and event organizer, Ross Beese.

UK Members Cliff Jumping in Wales

With hearts racing from the morning’s coasteering adventure, our 1% members moved on to the beach to try their hand at surfing, (Yvon would be proud!). “The waves were fantastic and the kids made it look easy, popping up and cruising down the line with smiles on their faces,” said Beese.

The weekend of fun in the sun brought about new friends, new hobbies, and a stronger 1% network throughout the UK.  “It was fantastic to find out more about the other businesses and where their passion lies,” said Beese.

Alice, Ross, and Nayfe of TYF Adventure.

We’re sad to have missed this great gathering and can’t wait to try coasteering at next year’s event.  Thank you to TYF Adventure who hosted the event and a special thanks to all our members in the UK who are helping create a healthier planet.

P.S.  Watch out France, the UK 1% network is gaining on you!  The UK is currently 68 members strong and growing quickly.  We recently celebrated the 100 member mark for France and are gearing up to welcome our UK 1% network into the club.

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