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1% goes paperless!

We were quite excited this week when we received our first completely paperless certification packet for 2009!  Kudos to Treasure Mountain Inn, out in Park City Utah, for taking advantage of our new system and submitting their materials electronically!  Treasure Mountain Inn, a dedicated member since 2005 has long since been ahead of the curve, working in a paperless way for the past eight years now.  We’re happy that we can now work alongside in this effort!  Treasure Mountain Inn has truly set the gold standard and led by example with their paperless donations exceeding the 1% commitment and going to great organizations like The Conservation Alliance, Summit Land Conservancy, Southern Utah Wilderness, Utah Open Lands, The Vital Ground Foundation and Access Fund.

If you are a 1% member reading this, please note that as tax day approaches, if you too want to send in your certification materials electronically, we’re more than happy to accept them!  Thanks to all of our members for their terrific giving in 2009 and continued support!

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