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1% and live music across Canada this month


This week marks the kick-off of the Chris Velan 1% for the Planet Tour.  Sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op, the tour spans Canada from Vancouver to Montreal throughout April.  1% member and musician Chris will be headlining the tour with performances in MEC stores and venues in seven cities, all focused on raising awareness of local environmental issues.  Representatives from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, a 1% non-profit recipient, will be on hand at each stop to share stories of progress made as a result of donations from 1% members like MEC.

Vancouver: April 1 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, Railway Club 8 PM

Edmonton: April 7 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, Haven Social Club 6 PM

Calgary: April 11 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, Marquee Room 8 PM

Winnipeg: April 14 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, Park Theater 8 PM

Ottawa: April 24 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 PM

Toronto: April 28 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, C’est What 10 PM

Montreal: April 30 MEC Vancouver Store 12-2 PM, Petit Café Campus

Live nearby one of these cities?  We hope you’ll stop by to hear some great tunes and learn about the impact of 1% giving in your area. As an added bonus, the new 1% album will be available in MEC stores during April, so be sure to pick up a few copies!

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