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1% for Haiti

In response to the devastating earthquake that recently shook up Haiti, a few of our members have inquired how they might use their 1% donations to help the relief effort.  We too were curious to learn about how our non-profits are helping to rebuild and replenish the devastated nation, and have reached out to some to hear their stories of hope, change and progress.

Plant With Purpose works in several countries around the globe, but has maintained a presence in Haiti for 13 years now, with a team led by 42 local Haitians.  Their focus is on sustainable development, as they recognize that by restoring the productivity of the land, they will enable Haitians to experience a healthier economy and landscape.  In the immediate aftermath, Plant With Purpose focused on bringing food and water to those affected by the earthquake.  Now their effort goes beyond immediate relief, to creating a more long-term solution.  By educating Haitians about reforestation techniques, Plant With Purpose is helping Haiti’s depleted soils to once again yield nourishing crops while simultaneously reducing the occurrences of floods, mudslides and soil erosion.  The planting season is less than a week away, so what better time than now to support Plant With Purpose in their reforestation efforts!  For more information of Plant With Purpose check out their blog or online Haiti Video.

Plant With Purpose Reforestation in Haiti

Plant With Purpose Reforestation in Haiti

In conjunction with the food crops that will sprout resultant of Plant With Purpose’s efforts, Trees, Water & People, is providing Haitians with a more sustainable tool to cook these foods!  For but $20, Trees, Water & People is offering a fuel-efficient and clean burning stove to the families of Haiti.  By consuming less fuel, providing nourishing meals, and sterilizing water, these stoves are assisting both the health of the people and the environment of Haiti.  Trees, Water and People just recently received the Sasakawa Prize from the United Nations Environmental Programme in recognition of its stove distribution as a green solution to climate change.  Congratulations Trees, Water & People!

Environmental non-profits focused on restoring agricultural productivity and food security are critical if Haiti is ever to become self-sustaining.   We at 1% are glad to see the sustainable progress being made already by Plant with Purpose and Trees, Water & People in the face of this daunting tragedy.

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