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More eco-satire to support the 1% album

Last week’s album artwork made its rounds with some great posts on blogs and Facebook walls. Here’s the latest artwork.

A quick 1% music album update:
All is going swimmingly —  THANK YOU to all of our fans and supporters. You’ve helped us climb to the top of Amazon’s MP3 Albums list, bounce around iTunes top-50 album list, and just recently take a walk up Billboard’s top folk albums lane, reaching #3.

one percent for the planet music - environmental anecdotes

one percent for the planet music - environmental worm ad

See more on the 1% Flickr site. Artwork by TDA Advertising and Design (Boulder, CO)

As always, please feel free to use these images on your blogs and websites, and link your viewers to the 1% music site:

About the Album:
1% for the Planet: The Music, Vol. 1 is a compilation of more than 40 rare and exclusive songs donated by leading artists to supporting non-profit organizations working to create a healthy planet. The album aims to accelerate the 1% movement by engaging more people and inspiring more companies to join. Download and share the album ?

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