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An album to support your mother (Earth)

one percent for the planet artists jack johnson, jackson browne, mason jennings, and more

Two years in the making, 1% for the Planet: The Music, Vol. 1 — the new 1% music album featuring a star-studded list of over 40 artists — surprised us (nearly flooding my laptop with coffee) as it reached the top of Amazon’s Bestselling MP3 Albums list upon close of its release day. The album is now available through most every online music outlet you can think of, from iTunes to eMusic to Rhapsody…  and now on our very own music site.

We’ll follow-up here with some stories from the ripped-up and rerouted road of the music industry — a story of great collaboration in an era where good music can be king even without a big record label. For now, we’ll be live-sharing all album promotions and updates on 1%’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Here are some of the latest music project developments:

1% Music Site is now live ?
Sample the music, buy individual tracks or the full album, see what the artists are saying about the project, or redeem that download card you picked up at your local Patagonia store.

New Facebook landing page ? visit page
Social networks can be powerful platforms for building support around causes. As part of our ongoing work to keep 1% hip to the social beat, we’ve kicked off a new page to welcome new Facebook fans with our music.

‘Artist Allies’ list kicks off ? visit list
In addition to keeping track of what some of our members and non-profit partners are talking about online, we have added a third list — follow our  ‘Music Allies’ on Twitter to connect with the artists on our album. If you’re a 1% member, partner, or artist on Twitter and are not yet on one of these lists, let us know.

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