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New Planeteers

brittany, grace and kayaks

The 1% team has been growing fast this fall with two new additions, Brittany Nunnink (left) and Grace Kronenberg (right).  Both have hit the ground running, and can be found behind the 1% HQ during lunch hour with their whitewater kayaks–class-V cornfields only.

Brittany Nunnink is a recent alumna of Scripps College, with a B.A. in Environmental Analysis. A native Vermonter, she’s happy to be out of southern California and back in the Green Mountain State running through sap lines, sipping ginger jack, hiking with her St. Bernard, and of course, helping to promote responsible business practices.  Brittany has done some work with Seventh Generation in the past, and is interested in helping more (and soon ALL) businesses to take on a similar responsible business approach – doing business for positive change, while simultaneously perceiving ones business practices with a holistic perspective. Currently, she’s working with member services, helping Chrissy with global membership wrangling and support. She is also hoping to get office composting underway and do some fundraising for a double-sided printer!

Brittany loves beets and we call her the Terminator.

Grace Kronenberg is a 2006 graduate of Middlebury College where she majored in psychology and creative writing.  Before joining the 1% team she spent three years growing Choose Responsibility, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting national debate on the 21 year-old drinking age.  Previous employment took her to Washington, DC, but she is happy to be back in the Green Mountain State and is looking forward to all the skiing, running, and hiking the Mad River Valley has to offer.  Grace is excited to be working at the intersection of business and the environment, and is currently focused on marketing support for the upcoming 1% music and film releases.

Grace is hoping to free the heel this winter and give telemark skiing a try.

hanging from the rafters

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