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1% for the Holidays

1% no parking

Things 1% Member products are great for:

#16: holiday presents (#1-15 forthcoming)

These days, the average consumer good has a two month lifespan. That means the product is either obsolete, broken, or forgotten within 60 days of purchase.  More than ever, looking for a timeless and thoughtful gift for the holidays comes with a new (environmental)  challenge — to reduce the junk effect while supporting more environmentally-friendly brands.

So if you’re buying a gift this holiday season, consider getting one from a company that has a 1% member logo on the label or their company website. If the pants you’re eyeing for your sibling came from a 1% member company, you can let him or her know their new trendy trousers also came with an environmental commitment woven into their basic fabric. And if you want to go one step further in showing your 1% support, there are a handful of items adorned with the 1% logo available in the 1% store.

Luckily, member businesses now cover most all product categories we dutifully peruse during the holiday seasons.  Case in point – I took 15 minutes to see if I could come up with a variety of 1% Member companies that make pants. I used the 1% member search engine, the 1% online store suppliers list, and some basic web searching.

Here’s what I came up with.

Mt. Borah
Mountain Khakis


Rock Revival
Not Just Pretty

Green Vogue

Pretty good list for 15 minutes of searching, right? And I’m sure there are plenty of others, too. If you’re a 1% member with pants for sale, please let me know!  I will add you to this post. jake -at- onepercentfortheplanet -dot- org

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