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Garett Brennan and the Great Salt Licks


Huckleberry Tree.  Yeah, that’s right – Huckleberry.

That’s the name of the new album from Garrett Brennan and the Great Salt Licks

and it’s chock full of goodness. Tunes like ‘Joy Sweet Joy’, ‘Down the Line’, or ‘Too Old to Dream’ will all put you in a very nice place.

While the music’s darn good, it’s more than tunes that connect Huckleberry Tree to 1% for the Planet. In addition to being a friend of ours, and one of the funky freshest humans we know, Garett is a 1% member, committing 1% of the sales of his music to environmental non-profit groups. He’s also the Executive Director of Focus The Nation, a 1% recipient non-profit organization that’s leading the charge for civic engagement around the issues of clean energy and bold and just climate policy.

As if all that weren’t enough, Garett donated a song to our upcoming 1% CD project, one that will help us spread the 1% message far and wide (stay tuned!). AND, he entertained the crowds for us at this past winter’s Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Salt Lake City. Need another connection? Garett was a founding artist of 1% member Clif Bar’s GreenNotes team, a fantastic crew of musicians committed to greening their touring and educating fans about sustainable lifestyles.

Okay, lovefest over. Don’t check out Huckleberry Tree ‘cause he’s our pal or the things he’s doing for the environmental movement. Check it out ‘cause it’s some truly fine almost-summertime music. It’s been echoing through the 1% office for the last few days and we can’t get enough.

Go, Garett, go!

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