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1% welcomes Danny, Cecilia, and Patrick

Our summer internship team, shown here near our planetary headquarters in Waitsfield Vermont.

1% summer internship team

We have some new friends at our space in the old schoolhouse this summer, and we thought to share the good news. Please join us in welcoming Danny, Cecilia, and Patrick (pictured above in order) to the 1% team!

Danny Kuzio is a recent high-school graduate from Green Mountain Valley School right down the street from 1%, in Waitsfield, Vermont.  In the fall he’ll be a first year student at Bates College in Maine where he hopes to study economics or environmental science.  This summer he’ll be working mostly with Chrissy in member services and certification, and training for cross-country ski racing in his spare time.

1%’s favorite Danny-hobby: cross-country skiing in our backyard, the Green Mountains (ok… we’re slightly biased)

Cecilia Su has just finished her first year at Dartmouth College, pursuing a B.A. in Government and Economics. She was drawn to 1% because of her interest in environmental problems and policy solutions as well as her faith in 1%’s innovative environmental investment model. In addition to marketing support, Cecilia is spearheading much of 1%’s new media outreach (give a shout-out or follow our Celia-led 1% Twitter updates).

Top “social networking” activity: with friends, shefing-up vegan cookies that aren’t cooked (the “un-cookie”)

Patrick Johnson is an Environmental Policy major at Middlebury College. He refuses to leave Vermont during the brief annual spell of glorious weather and lives over the mountains from 1%, in Charlotte. Patrick has spent time in work relating to venture capital, land conservation, and the study of policy matters related to the reduction of greenhouse gasses. At 1%, he’s focusing on the upcoming release of our 1% short film (stay tuned for more about the film!).

Favorite street-wear: a used-to-be-neon-colored Ducks Unlimited cap from the 70s

A warm welcome from our extended 1% For The Planet family!

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