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1% for the Planet: Redefining How Business Does Business


The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) shares a first-look at results from its annual philanthropy survey of nearly 140 leading companies, revealing that 53% of companies increased their total philanthropic donations in 2008, and 27% increased their giving by more than 10% year-over-year. Amid a challenging economy, business leaders continue to support their companies’ commitments to rebuilding their communities and advancing social and environmental programs around the world.  Read full article.

1% for the Planet is establishing philanthropy as a tenet of the socially-responsible business model.  As global financial markets collapsed last October, more companies joined than in any other month of 2008, and we are growing by more than one new member company every day!  Currently over 1,100 member companies in 39 countries!

Despite the recent economic downturn, several 1% for the Planet member companies had their best year ever in 2008. One reason for their relative success is the value of sustainability. Many members have strong values-oriented brands in a marketplace that increasingly rewards responsible businesses. Participation in 1% for the Planet is a great way to signal that commitment.

Since overall performance of 1% for the Planet member companies remains strong, so too does charitable giving from the 1% for the Planet network. With donor dollars for non-profit causes falling fast in today’s economic crisis, giving that is tied to the sales of our member companies remains strong. To date, we have channeled an estimated $42 million in critically needed funds to more than 1,700 non-profits around the world, with $10 million given in 2008 alone.

With the current momentum that is carrying 1% for the Planet, our powerful network of socially responsible companies is redefining how business does business – and generating considerable new resources to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits that protect and restore the environment.

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