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Celebrating Earth Day the 1% way . . . . .

We’re thankful our members, and you our supporters, recognize that every day we have an opportunity to give back to planet Earth. To highlight Earth Day however we found it would be fun to share one member’s story of celebrating in style.

From the mountains of Peru, Paul of Amazonas Explorer (member since June ’07) writes, “Check out what a group of 150 locals from Huaca huasi can plant in just 1 day – 10,000 trees when we all work together – its an amazing day out!”.



Paul continued to share, “We are loving being a part of 1% . .”. He revealed more projects Amazonas Explorer is undertaking throughout the year and that he is engaged in recruiting other area businesses to join 1% too. Well Paul, you have indeed provided a wonderful example of how beautiful and effective working together can be. We thank you for your passion, your participation, and send all of our best for the continued success!

Happy Earth Day, the 1% for the Planet way, everyone!

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