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Megan Slankard partners with WILD

The 1% for the Planet program is set up so that members donate 1% of their annual sales directly to the approved non-profits of their choice. This opens the doors for some wonderful partnerships and relationships. In turn customers of 1% members gain a more tangible understanding of just what the 1% for the Planet commitment means, and what exactly their purchase power supports.

Our featured partnership today highlights member musician Megan Slankard with newly approved non-profit, Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development – WILD.

Partnerships like Megan’s work with WILD are examples of 1%’s model at its best, where relationships between the member and non-profit include giving personal time and effort. As you can see here, this can be a lot of fun!

We applaud Megan for donating her time to help educate participants on an 8-Day Colorado River College Study Course hosted by WILD. Know you’re invited! If you can’t make it, we encourage you to pick up one of Megan’s cds. Your purchase will land you not only some great music, but also help ensure that WILD can continue on with their devoted educational programs about and in the great outdoors.

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