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1% for the Planet Member Auden Schendler Pens a Must-Read

Since Paul Hawken’s Ecology of Commerce came out in 1994 I have read just about every book on green business that’s been written.  Auden’s book is among the best and I say that not just because it’s one of the few 1% member books out there.  I say that because it’s the most real, textured, brutally honest and funny account of what the “green your business” challenge looks like.  The book also happens to underscore the critical importance of the work that we’re doing.  The notion that greening your business is a simple “win-win” is a farce.  The idea that businesses can unilaterally change today’s business paradigm into one that is sustainable is also far flung.  Auden’s book explains why.  In moving towards sustainability, there’s only so far most businesses can go in today’s paradigm.  And, generally speaking, that distance leaves us well short of where we need to be (like at 350 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere).  That’s why we encourage companies to embrace the power of NGOs, consumers and collective action to help change the paradigm we’re in.  Buy the book here and read it.  Encourage your colleagues to do the same.  You will enjoy every page and come away with a great new perspective on the field we’re in.  They will be far better equipped to help you navigate efficiently towards a more sustainable future.  Some of our members are actually selling the book themselves.  If you’d like to do so too please contact: lindsay[dot]goodman[at]

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