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New Year's resolutions

All signs for the 1% for the Planet team are pointing towards New Year’s resolutions this year focusing on treating our planet a bit better, and we are more than stoked about it! Chrissy our Membership Coordinator came into the office last Monday after a five day hiatus with 56 inquiries for membership in her inbox. Of those 56 inquiries, 48 have immediately followed through with next steps and thus now have catered License Agreements in their hands.

We know New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be tough to stick to, but that’s why we set them, to challenge ourselves. We applaud those interested businesses who have reached out to make the 1% for the Planet commitment in 2009. As Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies, one of our co-founders says, “probably the hardest check you’ll write is the first check”. After that, you’ll never feel better and you’ll realize you probably signed yourself up for the easiest New Year’s resolution yet.

On behalf of the planet we thank those businesses stepping up in 2009 and look forward to having you on board. Happy New Year everyone!

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