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Trick or Treat?

Nope, no tricks here folks, we like keeping it sweet – acclaimed singer/songwriter Jackson Browne has joined 1% for the Planet!

On a hiatus for releasing an album now for six years, you’ll know Jackson Browne for such hits as “Running on Empty,” “Somebody’s Baby,” “The Pretender” and “Stay” among many others. With his newest release in the midst, Time The Conqueror, 1% for the Planet received a phone call about membership. Out in stores now, be sure to pick up a copy of Time The Conqueror today! Jackson’s new material is more than great, we have a few favorites here in the office, and we are particularly pleased with his prominent use of the 1% for the Planet logo on the back of the album, and on his website – shown above! Welcome Jackson, it is wonderful to have you on board.

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