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1% for the Planet exhibits at the Ecollection

A couple weeks ago 1% for the Planet attended the largest apparel show in the world, MAGIC, in Las Vegas. One might think that throwing our non-profit into the mix of the “City of Sin” among the fashion gurus of the world might not be ideal, but we sent our road warrior Kate out anyways on a hunch. This is what she found . . . .

I arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Center locating the 1% for the Planet booth in the vibrant Ecollection of MAGIC, a debut area devoted to environmentally focused designers and manufacturers. I was soon thankful for the concentration of members among my neighbors in the Ecollection area. I displayed exhibiting member business cards on the 1% table and directed many interested visitors, looking to learn more, to these neighbors for a continued conversation of first hand accounts. The overwhelming response was of great appreciation- wonderful exposure for current members and valuable insight for potential members.

Throughout the show I further learned how infiltrated the Ecollection truly was by 1% for the Planet. The Ecollection promotional banners were designed by Loop (member since Oct. ’07), the happy hour was sponsored by member Veev (member since Aug. ’08), and evening music acts were booked by our dear friends at Music Matters. Members with booths utilized the member logo brilliantly on banners, t-shirts and information packets throughout the Ecollection along with a couple members showcasing their apparel in the afternoon Eco Fashion Shows. To boot, our sponsorship package included our video playing on the flatscreen tvs in the lounge throughout the show and the presence of our logo on area sponsorship stands. With such awareness a slew of non-exhibiting members found their way to the 1% booth, and neighboring member booths, to say hello.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to all of the members who said hello at MAGIC and helped create such a successful event for the 1% for the Planet community – Loop, Restore Clothing, Mama Om, Eco Purna, Truly Organic, Unifi, Veev, Econscious, Lizzie Parker, Forrest and Fauna, Zee Spot, Locals Have More Fun, Earth Friendly Apparel Company and Ecowood Displays.

Between this wonderful energy in the Ecollection and being snagged in other halls of MAGIC for questions due to my 1% for the Planet identification badge, I feel the “City of Sin” full on embraced the 1% for the Planet movement.

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