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1% Travels

Kate has been our road warrior of late, spreading the word about 1% for the Planet far and wide to businesses and consumers alike.  We thought we’d use this entry to bring you up to speed on all of her summer travels. We’re hoping she gets over the jet lag soon. She’s been getting into the office at 3AM and falling asleep after lunch.

Hi all, Kate your trusty Program Assistant here. After a good long nap under the conference table I’m back to work and so pleased to give you the following report.

June 5 – 7 at Boston University

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) folks are a dynamic and dedicated group of entrepreneurs from around the country strengthening their individual communities through “Buy Local” programs.  At their annual conference this year, attendees heard from world-class environmental speakers Majora Carter, Bill McKibbon and Mark Sardella among others. I am absolutely a better person for having absorbed their wisdom. I also had the great pleasure of meeting . . . .

Matt from BetterWorld Telecom (member since June ‘06)

Victor from approved recipient non-profit B Lab

and Ginger and Kim from approved recipient non-profit Bioneers. The main Bioneers conference is held annually in the fall in San Francisco, but there may be a simultaneous satellite event near you. Perhaps we’ll see you there?!

June 18th – 21st in Boulder, CO.

The Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) show brings together a variety of participants in the green industry – including many of our members. Wow this market has grown! Ed Begley Jr. shared his successes with many during the closing talks. Thank you Ed for the inspiration!

It was wonderful to see the follwing members in attendance:

Rob from Patagonia (member since May ’02)

Rob from Social K (member since Feb. ’06)

Jed from the Healing Arts Guide (member since Jan. ’07)

Alyssa from DeBoom Sports Mecca (member since Oct. ’07)

Toshi from gConscious (member since Dec. ’07)

And a big hello to Mary Jo and Lisa from approved recipient non-profit Center for a New American Dream.

July 2nd in London, England

July 3rd in Birmingham, England

July 9th in Paris, France

As you know from our last update, musician Jack Johnson (member since Jan ’04) invited us on tour for a few shows across the pond to further our global awareness building efforts via participation in their Village Green. The Village Green is a tent section at each show that features global, national and local environmental non-profits. If you make it to a show this summer in the US or Canada, be sure to swing by these tents!

From my England experience I’d like to extend a special thanks to . . . .

Rachael, Leah and Emma of The TYF Group (member since Dec. ’05) for helping at the Hyde Park show in London. Sold out at 35,000 capacity, your help there was immensely appreciated to say the least.

[L to R – Rachael from The TYF Group (member since Dec ’05), Jack (member since Jan ’04), and me at the Hyde Park show. Photo: J. Sheeter.]

All the best to Tom of approved recipient non-profit Surfrider Foundation – Europe.

Also many thanks to Jack and Kim, to Josh and the Brushfire Records crew (member since Jan ’04).

[A view of the crowd and gorgeous sunset at the Hyde Park show. Photo: K. Johnson]

In between acts this crowd also saw our video on the jumbotron. If you weren’t there, you can check the 1%FTP video out here . . . .

This video is with Jack on his world tour, shown at all venues. It can also be found on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and All At Once. Please pass it on. It’s a great introduction to the 1% movement!

Attending these events helps us to reach and inspire potential members.  It’s also a great way to mobilize consumers.  But my strongest lasting impressions are from the interactions I had with current members and non-profits of our incredibly strong network. The company we keep in this community is exceptional.  Thank you all for the shared experiences and for your passion and dedication. I look forward to many more of our paths crossing.

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