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The Blue Marble Launches

Welcome to the first installment of “The Blue Marble” – the 1% for the Planet blog. We have officially entered the blogosphere – which apparently is in better shape than the atmosphere. The Blue Marble is where we’ll keep you all up to speed on the happenings of the organization

The 1%FTP network continues to grow at a tremendous pace. In 2007, 420 new environmentally committed companies joined our membership ranks. In the first quarter of this year, we’ve signed up 115 more. Bringing the total member count to over 860. Our members can now be found in 27 different countries and we’re channeling over $12 million annually to a myriad of environmental groups (more than 1,500) around the world. That’s some serious cha-change.

Print Ads
Our first print campaign launched last November and has covered significant ground thanks to friendly media, members and recipient groups. Developed (pro bono) by TDA Advertising in Boulder, CO, our ads have been consistently featured in Outside, Backpacker, Plenty, Huck, Fly, Rod & Reel, Fly Fusion, Wild on the Fly, Backcountry, Surfing, Spin Magazine and others.

Click on the ad below for a closer look at one of our print ads.

In fact, a few media outlets – including Backcountry Magazine, Plenty Magazine, Huck Magazine (UK), Fly Fusion Magazine and have agreed to become official “media partners” – committing free advertising inventory to us on an ongoing basis. These media partners have also generously offered subscription and advertising deals to our membership – the details of those offers can be viewed here:

Media Partners
Please help us support the media partners joining us in the effort to raise awareness of 1%FTP.

The campaign has recently been selected as a finalist for the 2008 Kelly Awards – recognizing creative excellence in print advertising. As a finalist, we are in the company of brands like Nike, Adidas, MINI, American Express, HBO and Greenpeace. Congrats to TDA on such an outstanding accomplishment. Have a look at the other finalists here:

Rock n Roll
We’ve been on tour with Jack Johnson (1%FTP member #50), supporting his new album “Sleep Through the Static.” They have been kind enough to let us tag along on the international tour and they continue to help us spread the word about the importance of environmental giving.

Here’s a pic of our fresh new booth in Japan.

Jack Johnson In Japan

Thanks to Kenji Shino and his crew for making it possible. We’ll have booth space in London and Paris as well – then it’s on to the U.S. later this summer. Get ready to rock people.

We’re 2.0 baby
Check out our profile pages:


Please be our friend.

Virtual Thank You
To fellow members Groundswell and Core Industries for building our new website and helping us continue to build on it with initiatives like – well, this blog. Check them out:

1% website credits

There are many more initiatives to discuss – but perhaps that’s enough rambling for now.

We’ll be updating The Blue Marble on a regular basis – so check back for the goods.

Until then, keep giving – karma exists.

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